By Henry Noël

It is time for you to open your eyes and look at the world you have created. You, Humanity, have excused yourselves from the responsibility as stewards of this world, and in doing so, have pointed your finger everywhere except where it belongs, at yourself. The debt is now due and it is time to pay up. You have created a path that no longer can be followed.

The leaders (governments, religious, corporate and now you, Humanity) have successfully divided this world by every means possible, and you, Humanity, have allowed this to happen. You, Humanity, have now become the major contributor to the divide. You have accepted the elitist’s idea we are different and we should fear and hate each other and now you push this idea as if it were your own. All the world leaders need to do is wait. The demise of Humanity is in Humanities’ hands.

The prime directive has been met: divide and control. Program everyone to hate in every way possible, distrust everyone except the leaders, and make it illegal to question the leaders and their policies. If this is too farfetched to be believed, then look at the world. Take a good look. You, Humanity, have not only allowed yourselves to be divided in every way possible, but you have taken the absurdity to the n­th degree. You divide yourselves by religion, politics, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, age, wealth, and nationality. You are so desperate to continue the divide, that you adopted it as your own and teach it to your children. But ask yourselves this, are religion, politics, color, race, sex, sexual orientation, age, wealth, and nationality really that important? Important enough to fight over? Important enough to die over?  What has happened to You, Humanity?

Ignorance has led you to fear, and fear has led you to hate, and it is this hate that You, Humanity, have bought into, to justify, judge, and divide yourselves by. It is through your absurd belief that you are right and everyone else is wrong, that will be the demise of Humanity. Fear has been the primary tool the leaders use to convince us we must hate. Name the fear and the leaders are behind it. It is through fear the leaders control you, and it is hate the leaders preach to you, and it is hate you teach to your children.

This beautiful world and all its beautiful inhabitants have been duped into the fallacy that we are all different. You have bought into the idea that individuality is your primary right and there is no self-responsibility for your actions. Well, Humanity, you are wrong.  The problems lie in the perception each of us has of ourselves, others, and what the leaders tell us is real. We have shut our eyes to reality and have chosen, instead, to worship the illusion that we are all different.

Humanity, you have forgotten where you came from. You have forgotten your roots. You have forgotten why you were created, and you have forgotten your purpose. You walked away from consciousness, impregnated yourself with ego, justified your position placing yourself above consciousness, and now your ego-filled mind thinks you are right. Humanity, your wake-up call has come and you are deaf to the alarm. Be prepared as the number of us living in the ego-less mind are growing. We recognize you for who and what you are and no longer are following you. Your numbers are declining and your ego-filled mind will not allow you to see this. I pity you, Humanity.

The leaders have duped your ego-filled mind into thinking you are the answer. That you are the second-coming. Well, think again. Humanity, you are the problem. You have taken the easy way out. You walk the path that was chosen for you. You blindly follow this path never once thinking why.

Humanity, you have forgotten your teachings that your true path gets created with every step you take, that only you can create your future and that future is created step by step? You turn to God for prayers to justify your actions and blame God when you don’t get your way. Well, praying to God is a waste of time. God did not create these problems. You did. Why would God entertain anything you pray for? God created the perfect you and called it spirit. Your ego-filled mind has taken His perfect creation corrupted it to the point you no longer see your fellow humans as brothers and sisters and you can’t even admit spirit exists.

Wake up Humanity. Wake up to see what you have done. Wake up and see what you are doing. Wake up and realize what you will do if left unchecked.  STOP!  Stop the bullshit. Stop the lies. Stop the destruction. Stop the divide. Stop the fear. Stop the hate. Stop the judgement. Stop the fighting. Stop the dying. Stop. For one minute, JUST STOP!

But that ego-filled mind of yours won’t stop, will it? Not until Humanity is destroyed will you stop. Your prime directive is to destroy Humanity and you do not see it. Your programming will not allow you to see it. Not until you can progress to the ego-less mind will you be able to pierce the veil of illusion that you cannot see. Only then will the Truth be revealed. Only then will you cease this incessant insanity. Only then can you return to consciousness. Only then will you remember where you came from, why you were created, and your purpose.

Until that time, I cry for you Humanity.

A CRY FOR HUMANITY  Copyright © 2017 Henry G Noël

01 September 2017