We are here to make you think, here to make you question – question everything!

So, who exactly is Henry?

Henry is a personal and business transformationalist, life coach, magazine publisher, author, radio personality, instructional speaker, spiritual guide, teacher, international corporate executive, and Global Citizen. Having over 30 years, challenging main-stream philosophies and practices, Henry understands the personal and business pit-falls we all run into and the stagnation created by following the herd instead of creating your own path. Leadership is exactly that, leadership, and it is the responsibility of leadership to set a positive example and lead, and not be a repository of negativity. As people and the business world continues to reinvent themselves, small voices continue to emerge to assist in the identification and implementation of strategies necessary to be successful in this changing world. We are one of those small voices and offer real solutions to assist individuals and businesses in developing these strategies. Only by changing the way we view ourselves and by refusing to accept the status quo, can we become effective in our personal lives and global markets.

Just as individuals, businesses are living entities managed by living beings, each having their own set of paradigms, egos, learnings, and upbringings. Even the company itself is a result of the creators’ paradigms, ego, learnings, and upbringing. As a living entity, the company, its directors, and its employees are all growing and developing. The object is to ensure all are growing at the same pace and in the same direction.

As with the individual, businesses must understand and define what success is for them. Achieving success requires, self-exploration, and self-transformation and develops thru commitment. Most times, commitment isn’t enough. It is all about true leadership. True leadership sees no I or me; it only sees us. Leadership doesn’t point fingers; it extends a helping hand. Leadership doesn’t dictate; it elicits. Leadership doesn’t boss; it leads. Leadership doesn’t condemn; it teaches. Leadership isn’t about self-recognition; leadership inspires others to excel. Leadership doesn’t operate from the position of inhumanity; leaders understand the importance of being human. To achieve this it requires stripping away the old paradigms we deny we have and creating new perceptions from newly achieved knowledge establishing different points of view and different perspectives. Developing this commitment can be a daunting process having many misdirections.

My Philosophy

Henry follows the edict that life is eternal, but our time in this physical form is limited.  “If we are to truly benefit from our experience here and fulfill our purpose, we must regain control of our beliefs and belief systems. “Fear, hate, guilt, and discrimination are the products of our beliefs and belief systems. “If you want more fulfillment in your life, learn to control your beliefs.” Fulfillment occurs when you find inner peace within the illusion of materialism. We all have the ability to verbalize our disdain and intentions, and we all have the intelligence to question when things seem out of place. The question remains “Do we have the maturity to recognize the truths as they relate to us and the world, and the wisdom to act on them? We must look inside ourselves for our connection to self and reestablish this connection.”

Henry’s philosophies about the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s of us, and our purpose here, is challenging, and in-the-face of traditional philosophies. Henry believes we were endowed with all the knowledge the universe has to offer. It’s simply been hijacked and buried under endless layers of ego-based teachings we call beliefs and belief systems.  Henry knows we must turn inward to ourselves for self-discovery and not outward to the ego-based world we occupy. “There is no right or wrong, as that is subjective. There is only wisdom or foolishness.” 

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