About You

This section is about you. The you, you think you know, and the you, you have not met yet. You are in there, and you have all the tools you need to discover yourself. You just have not been taught how to tap into the answers, nor are you in a place to accept the answers. In fact, you have not been taught how even to ask the proper questions.

What you have been taught is to allow your learnings to control everything. By doing this you believe you are not responsible for what happens. You are blameless. Well, news flash, you are not blameless and you are responsible for what your learnings drive you to do. Fear, hate, discrimination, and judgment are your responsibility and by succumbing to them, you are not blameless.

Your life thus far has been someone else’s life. Your perception of the world, your belief systems, your moral criteria, your social categorizing, and everything else you use to perceive the world, was taught to you by someone else. Those who raised you, your teachers, friends, political and religious leaders, all taught you how to think, what to believe and how to perceive.

It is a bitter pill I know, but it is true. You are the product of someone else’s teachings, someone else’s biases, someone else’s thinking, and you not only believe these are yours, but you also pass this same tainted view to others. It is time for you to wake-up and uncover who you really are.