Your First Step

Welcome to YOUR FIRST STEP! 


The very first step you take on your new journey is the biggest step of your life because it will be the first time you purposefully place your foot on a path of youown creation. 


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Purposefully decide for yourself what direction you wish to go. 



Purposefully planning, from a relearned self, just how you wish to see your future, the world, and the universe.


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And eliminating the guilts of the past and worries of the future by enjoying the now from a whole new perspective, a whole new reality, a whole new you. You have given yourself a gift. A gift no other person can give you. The gift of freedom.


Until this moment you have been walking a path that someone else laid out for you. They decided who you should be, what career you should have, where you should live, what school you should attend, what religion to practice, what friends to have, what political party to join, and what groups of fellow humans to hate. All of this came about because someone else taught you. The illusion is you believe you made these choices, but the reality is, you had no choice. Your learnings prepared you for this life you are living, by convincing you, you created it.

In the previous segment, I mentioned unlearning and re-learning. Let me explain what I meant by that.  Unlearning is the understanding that our original learning (knowledge we had when we were born) has been hijacked and buried by all of the ego-based ideas we have been taught. Our religious beliefs (and belief systems in general) have all been taught to us and we have adopted them as ours. The importance’s we place on ego-based ideas like appearances and possessions. The fears that govern our lives and the hatred that stems from those fears. The separation from our fellow humans because of the belief systems that instill the fears and hatred, and the illusions (distractions) we surround ourselves with to keep us from dealing with them. As we eliminate all of the ego-based ideas that were written over our original (knowledge) we begin the unlearning process. As we move away from belief systems that have hidden our original knowledge from us, the knowledge becomes forthcoming.  In essence, we hit reset, shut down the old computer and reboot, and what appears on the screen is the original you. The you, you were before all your learning began.

Then we begin the relearning process by taking our original knowledge and adding to it non-ego-based ideas. Without these ego-based ideas, we begin to build new lives without the fears, hatred, discrimination and guilts thwarting our present existence. You see, we are the product of our learnings and without these ego-based ideas, we don't make decisions based on them and our perceptions completely change. As more of us change from ego-based to non-ego-based the world actually does change. Not just in perception but in actuality. Without fears, hatred disappears. Without hatred, discrimination disappears. Without discrimination, separation disappears. Without separation, we come together as we should have been, brothers and sisters all one family. It isn't we who divide us is the ego-based ideas that divide us. Without the ego-based ideas, there are no divisions, no reasons to fear. No reasons to fight. No reasons to die.

Simply stated, give up all of the ego-based beliefs you worship and sacrifice too and start believing in yourself.

All of this is show you, you must begin to question. If you continue to blindly follow this preordained path you are on nothing will ever change. The fears, hatred, discrimination, and guilt will forever be the directive. You must begin to understand your life and the choices you have made were part of your software, your programming, your learnings. You must pull back the curtains that have surrounded you, keeping you from finding yourself and preventing you from learning who you really are, what is real and what are the illusions.

With every decision, you make on where to place your foot for your next step you are diverging further and further away from where you were programmed to go, and now you will have the opportunity to walk into your own life-creation.

I never said this was going to be easy so please take the time to digest all of this information.  When you are ready let’s explore your Journey and what you can expect.