Your Journey

About Your Journey

Congratulations:  You have chosen to step out of the herd and take control of your life. I want to present several questions you will invariably be asking if you haven’t already. The following are just a small sampling of questions you will want answers to. I have placed them in three categories:

First the normal questions about change:

So now what? What do I do now? How am I going to do this? How am I going to get to where I need to be? How do I take that first step? How do I eliminate my ego? What are the rules of this and what do I have to study?

Second the defiance questions that will come out:

How is ego controlling me? I don’t have an ego so how do you fix that? What do my beliefs have anything to do with who I am? I know who I am, and I’m not like that at all, and why do I have to change? It’s not me, why not focus on all those other people?

Finally, the attack questions:

Why is it I reject a lot of what you say? Why do I have such disbelief with what you saying? Why is what you are saying pissing me off? You are an asshole and why should I believe you? I don’t believe any of this, and I sure don’t believe you.

Rest assured, all will become clear in time if you are willing to give it time. I didn’t change overnight and I don’t expect you to either. All of the preceding questions were ones I asked as I strolled through this, thinking I had all the answers. Most of the questions you have I will answer. However, for some of the questions, you will have to discover the answers for yourselves. As you tear down and rebuild yourselves the answers will become very clear. As I mentioned in a previous segment, it is like hitting reset, and that reintroduces you to the knowledge you were given at the very beginning. Unloading your baggage and controlling ego allows you to find the reset button. When you press it, the factory defaults kick in and the knowledge is reintroduced to you.

I will spend the majority of this series on this process and it will cover many, many hours of segments, as this is the most important aspect of transitioning, after accepting you have an ego, wanting to be in control of it, and the desire to do something about the programming.

First, I want to compliment you on your decision and desire to develop a better understanding of the how’s and why’s you live your lives, and what needs to be done to change it. You have raised your head above the herd and have decided this is not for you. First, do not feel bad that it took you this long to decide to waken. If it weren’t for your past experiences, you would not be here now. You arrived here as quickly as you could, and you didn’t get here by chance as there are no coincidences. So Welcome!

From here on out it is going to be tough. You will spend much time in front of the mirror. You will begin by being comfortable with your image, because of its familiarity, but as time progresses, the information you will learn will cause the outer layers to slip away, and you will discover you really dislike the person staring back at you. This is totally normal, and you will get passed this to discover a world where thick heads and thin skins don’t matter to you anymore, especially yours

As you begin, your ego will convince you, you don’t need this. That everything is just fine the way it is. As you continue, your ego will get belligerent and force you to question what you are doing to the point where you will want to quit, and many of you will. The reason for this is simple you see, the ego wants you for itself and I am in the way of that, and ego will defend itself every way it knows how especially by going on the offense. You will be convinced and will decide you don’t like me very much and will attack me. I have prepared for this inevitability for years now, as I experienced everything I am telling you, you will experience. I hated me, I hated everyone around me and fought to resist any change that divided me from my ego.

When I embarked on this journey of understanding, I took it with a grain of salt, and I expect you will do the same. Denial, refusal, disbelief, lies and bullshit, that is how you will see this. However, as I came around, I also expect (if you continue) you will also come around to the same understanding as I did. As we tear apart the belief systems we all worship, trust and well, believe in and see them for what they are (control mechanisms) you will fight it tooth and nail. Your programming and ego will often rear their heads in defiance and you will be convinced they are right. You will have to come to terms with yourself.

Your journey will begin by reviewing your past. In order to take that first step on your wakened journey, there are tons of baggage you must first unload. There has been much learning you have undergone, many lies, much deception, and much coercion, and this learning must be removed if you are to understand all the how's, what's, when's, where’s and why’s of how you think, perceive, believe, define, decide, judge, react and question.

You are giving yourself the opportunity to waken and, by removing the layers that hide the knowledge you were born with, you will be able to begin taking your first step in creating your path. This path will be your creation and you will grow with every step you take.

As is mentioned throughout this segment, and I cannot stress this enough, this is a difficult journey as you are going to receive information completely against everything you have learned in the past. Your ego will be your greatest enemy. You will come to understand that your ego has been manipulating and controlling you, creating the perceptions you have of yourself and your world. But you must also understand that somewhere, within you, you recognized something is wrong, or that something could be better. You rose above your ego to get here. Let’s keep you above your ego.

Your learning and belief systems (your programming) defines who your ego says you are, how and why your ego causes you to react, and what your ego perceives. It is this learning that must be removed so your ego can no longer control you. As long as your ego is in charge you remain in the ego-mind. Once you have found the knowledge buried deep inside you, and come to trust that knowledge, it is easier to develop the ego-less-mind and with this, your perceptions of the world and yourself will change.

So, welcome aboard the train to knowledge. Many hills, many valleys, many curves, many stops, and many starts. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but don’t spend too much time enjoying the scenery, because it’s all an illusion.