Completeness, Happiness, Contentment

Completeness, Happiness, Contentment

– By Henry Noël

What does it mean to be complete, happy and content? Obviously, these are perceptions that each of us have and therefore each of us have different parameters with which to answer these questions. It requires us to define for each of us what completeness, happiness and contentment means, and this definition will come as a result of our upbringing, our learnings, our egos, our belief systems and our programming. If we striped away all the programming and belief systems that we use to define ourselves, could you answer the question? If we eliminated the concepts of money, power and greed, (ego) could you answer this question? If we stepped outside of the physical world, as we understand it, could you answer this question?

There are several ways to approach answering this question, but I believe the best way to begin is to understand that we must view the questions from a position unfamiliar to us. A position that warrants us to see the need for change. Change in our perceptions, change in our belief systems, and change how we define ourselves.

Everything in our life, that has been presented to us, has been presented in a manner to show us we are not complete, happy or content. We have been bombarded by advertising showing us what we don’t have. It doesn’t matter what the commodity (consumer products, political platforms and agendas, or religious beliefs) without these, we are not complete, happy or content. We are bombarded by the media showing us who we are not. We are not the celebrities, the heads-of-state, or the trillionaires, therefore we must not be complete, happy or content. So, many of us strive, and are willing to sell their souls, to achieve these statuses, so we can be complete, happy and content.
Well, I believe we are complete, happy and content. We were made that way. We were born and grow up complete, happy and content. At least until our programming begins and our ego is created. I believe our ego convinces us we are not complete, happy and content, and we need to “be, do, and have more” to find completeness, happiness and contentment. As individuals we do all we can to seek these. We go into debt to acquire college degrees to have an advantage over others, work hard (nose to the grindstone) to gain recognition that gives us an advantage over others, we will sell ourselves to have the advantage over others. We position ourselves to make more so we can have more, so we can be complete, happy, and content, never once realizing we already were.
Have you ever wondered why the more you have, the emptier you feel? This is because you are already complete; and adding more water to an already full glass accomplishes nothing but wasting water and creating frustration, which is interpreted by ego as incompleteness. This leads you to being unhappy and not content. Thus, you have another round of trying to fill a full glass. Ego feeds on creating the desire for more, and you strive to satisfy your ego. In reality, all you actually accomplished was to create frustration, and this frustration created emptiness, unhappiness, and discontentment.

To compound the matter, now that you have all this stuff, you must defend and protect all that you accumulated to satiate ego’s need for more. The more you have, the more someone else can take from you. And now your ego has instilled fear. Fear of loss and this fear of loss of (consumer products, political agendas, or religious beliefs) leads you to stress. This stress gnaws at you, so you begin seeking out those causing it. The kids, the spouse, the neighbors, coworkers. You divorce our spouse and kids, quit your jobs, shoot your neighbors, and all the while it was you.

You are the fault of your emptiness, your unhappiness, your discontentment. You allowed your ego to destroy the very foundation supporting your completeness, happiness and contentment.

You are always looking outside of yourselves for completeness, happiness and contentment. You pray to God and/or blame God, you seek religion, you talk with psychologists, friends and family, you connect with spiritual guides, you meditate, you take drugs and alcohol. You do all of these things searching for your happiness, when you had it inside from the beginning. You blamed everyone else for the incompleteness, unhappiness and discontentment, when you are the one who created it.

Okay, enough of beating you up.

What can you do to change all this?

Well first, you must stop this vicious cycle. By accepting the fact, you have an ego, you take the first step in redefining yourself. Your entire life has been in the grips of ego, you must find a different perspective with which to look at yourself and the world for that matter. Your perceptions of what is important, who you are, how you have lived your life, why your life has been the way it has, where your priorities have been and are. All of this has been defined by ego (your programming and your belief systems). Each of these must be redefined outside of the effects of ego.

Next, understand why you have an ego. Ego is a survival tool for “the me.” Ego identifies itself as separate and thereby you see yourself as separate, as an individual, the “all about me” complex. Ego has convinced you that you are an individual, and that the need for money, power, or completeness is your individual right. Human suffering is nothing more that the belief that you are not complete. That you need and/or deserve more. Ego convinces you that you require more to be complete, so you take from others and create suffering. But the suffering you create is not someone else’s suffering, it is your own suffering that you create. And the more you take from others, the more you suffer.

Then, recognize what your ego is doing. Ego drives you to acquire because through acquiring you create our own individual identity of who you are, how complete you are and how happy you are. The fact of the matter is, this acquiring, forces you to then defend what you acquired so you don’t lose it and therefore lose your own individual identity, your completeness and your happiness. Ego’s driving force is money, power and completeness. But money is a figment of someone else’s imagination and your ego drives you to believe that money is important. Power, is again, someone else’s idea. Power exists only because you believe that someone else has power over you. By your belief that someone has power, you give them the power. Completeness doesn’t exist for ego. Ego can never be complete and therefore convinces you that you are not complete, and forces you to continually strive for completeness through money and power.

Understand that your ego is manipulating you. The concept that you matter, that what you do matters, that what you are matters is all a human construct. None of it matters. What matters is you understand this and begin to act accordingly. You are not here to regret the past or worry about the future. That is what ego wishes you to do. Therefore, by regretting the past and worrying about the future, you are unable to enjoy the present, which is what you need to be doing. You keep looking outside of yourself trying to find completeness, happiness and contentment when it exists within you. You have been taught, and ego reinforces this, that you are not complete, and you must seek completeness and this completeness comes from outside of you. Ego has convinced you that you are an individual. This individuality is the only thing that separates all of us from each other, and why we see only the physical differences in each other. Individuality destroys our commonality and unification. Individuality is a dis-ease created by ego.

Trust that you can subdue your ego. Live the life you were meant to live, rather than the life your ego chose for you. The life you have lived has not been yours, it’s been your ego’s. Once you let go of individual survival, your priorities change. You get to see the entire world as your body. You see the suffering of others as your own suffering and you want to help.

The one thing that keeps us from solving the other problems in the world is this persistent thought that we are separate from the world. Maybe it is time we changed our mind. We are not individuals. We are all the same energy and when this form ceases to function, we will return to our natural form which is energy. We will assess our existence in this physical form and determine what we learned. If we can adopt the idea that we are energy manifested in this form and that this form is not who we are, and that ego has been playing its own game on us, we might get to reflect that we learned something. If we don’t, then this existence in this form will have taught us nothing.

By enjoying the present, we get to play. And by playing we get to create the future and this future doesn’t have the egos attachment leading us down a path ego wants us to travel. We get to create our own path. Enlightenment occurs when we realize all we acquired means nothing. Happiness doesn’t come from what we acquire, it comes from being complete, and we are already complete. The happiness comes from realizing we are everything, and that there is no real “you” involved in the first place.

Everyone is looking for God, but everyone is God. We are divine, and this is what must be understood if we are going to solve the issues facing this world. If we seek freedom from the suffering in this world, we must understand that we are creating the very suffering we are seeking freedom from by what we do and say, and how we act. The world is but a reflection of ourselves and we cannot wish or pray it different. God did not create this world, we did, so we are the ones responsible to fix this world. We must change ourselves for the world to change. We must learn to approach this existence from the position of wholeness not emptiness. By approaching the world from the position of wholeness we do not need to take from others because we are complete, happy and content and suffering does not exist. Approaching the world from emptiness forces us to fill that emptiness by any means possible, and this means we take from others creating suffering.

When it doesn’t work we end up depressed. We have been taught depression is a bad thing, but being depressed is our way of identifying that we are no longer happy about our role in this game. We no longer want to be the character we have been playing and there is something that needs to change. Being depressed is nothing more than requiring “deep-rest”. This form needs deep-rest from the externally imposed emptiness we believe is real.

We have all suffered trying to find completeness, happiness, and contentment. We have allowed our egos to create the illusion that we are incomplete, unhappy and discontent and our egos have convinced us that by acquiring more (through any means possible) we will be complete, happy and content. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking completeness, happiness and contentment comes from outside of us. This is the ultimate illusion because we are already complete, happy and content. We have just forgotten it.

“Completeness, Happiness and Contentment” Copyright © 2017 Henry G Noël

4 December 2017