-by Henry Noël

When it pertains to someone’s ego, it’s been argued if the Divine created everything, including my ego, why do I have to eliminate it? Why would I have to eliminate something the Divine gave me? I have to admit, these are excellent questions and questions we must all ask ourselves if we are going to understand the role ego plays in our life.

However, there are several assumptions in the above questions that must be addressed. The first assumption is the need to eliminate ego. The second assumption is, did God created ego. And the third assumption is, did God gave the ego to us.

Now, I don’t see the need to eliminate ego. I do see the need to learn and understand how ego works and how ego controls our lives. We must learn the role ego plays in our lives because it is within the confines of ego where we find the source of our consternation, our fears, our hatred, our discrimination, our judgement and our ridicule of others. Did God create the ego? Perhaps, but to what end was it created? Was it created to be the ego we have all come to know and love? Or was ego intended for some other Godly purpose we have long ago forgotten?

Let’s continue with the Divine for a moment. Jesus was tempted by the devil three times according to Luke, Mark and Mathew, and Jesus refused these temptations all three times, and the devil then departed. Have you ever asked yourselves who was the devil? Now I know the religious institutions always provide the obvious easy answer as Satan. But since I am here to make you think, have you really thought about who was the devil who tempted Jesus?

It is my contention Jesus came face-to-face with his own ego, and, by refusing his ego’s temptations, his ego departed, thereby separating Jesus from his ego. In other words, Jesus placed controls on his ego by not being tempted, and this is exactly what is required of us. We must accept we have an ego, learn to recognize when ego is in control, understand when we are being tempted, refuse the temptations, thus separating us from our ego, and reestablishing our control over ego. In fact, it is my belief the only difference between us and Jesus is Jesus took control of his ego and we see ourselves as incapable, or unwilling, to do the same.

With this said, I find it hard to believe God created ego, or at least the ego we are dealing with, because if God is all loving and caring why would God create such an unloving, and selfish entity as ego?

Did God give ego to us? Again, I don’t believe so for the same above reason: if God is all loving and caring, why would God give us such an unloving and selfish entity as ego?

But if God didn’t give us ego, who did? Another good question. Somehow, in our growing-up we went from an unconditional loving and trusting infant to a conditional, loving and distrusting adult. Where did this change happen? When did this change happen?

Looking back at my childhood I didn’t always have it easy. I am the oldest of five and grew up very poor. My parents did everything they knew how, to raise us the best they could. My mother was protestant and my father was catholic, and it was agreed that my mom would bring us up catholic. My first experiences as a child within the church was that of greed and materialism. I never understood where God fit into this religion of fire and brimstone, of endless and eternal damnation defined by sin. I always believed God was loving but my only experience of loving was by my parents and this God of the church was nothing like my parents. He was vindictive, hateful, judgmental, egotistical (wanting sacrifice and worship) and materialistic. God of love? I don’t think so. To me, God seemed more human-like than Godlike.

As I grew-up I continued studying this catholic religion and, during one such class, a young priest manically stormed into the classroom. He brushed right passed the nun who was teaching the class and frantically looked around the room. His gazes happened upon me and he began pointing his finger at me, yelling from across the room “you!” He ran over to where I was sitting and knelt, still pointing and shaking his finger at me and repeating “you!” Then he continued “You think the man at your house is your father, but he isn’t. God is your father!” I was scared, shaking and could only reply with “what?” He began speaking again, “you think your father is your father, he isn’t you father, God is your father!” I then asked what God? And he replied, “The True God, the true God is your father!” The young priest stood up and headed to the door, but before leaving addressed the nun saying, “I’m sorry sister, I hope I didn’t interrupt your class?” And with that he left, and I never saw him again.

What is the point of this personal story? I believe there is a True God (Jesus’ God) and then there are the gods that the churches, synagogues, and mosques worship. These are the Gods that we, by attending these institutions, also worship. My belief is these religious institutional Gods are the wrong Gods. The fake Gods. The untrue Gods. These are the Gods of vengeance, hate, judgment, ego, and materialism. These are not the “True God,” the God who created us and loves us and wants to see us act as brothers and sisters towards one another. I believe these Gods of religious institutions are the Gods that created ego and gave ego to us.

For me, ego is like a chronic illness. We have an ego (illness) but we must not define ourselves by it. Ego continues to misrepresent itself as good for us when in fact ego is simply the mask our higher self applies to identify itself as an individual separating itself from others in this physical world.

Ego: by defining, is self: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-image, and self-confidence; yet the only commonality of these definitions is “self.” Don’t get me wrong, the self is important when growing up and surviving in this physical world when danger arises. However, as adults, we are in our infancy when it comes to understanding the energetic connections we have to the universe and everything in it. If we accept we are all energetically connected, we will come to realize we no longer require the ego-self. The ego-self doesn’t want us to understand this energetic connection and emphasizes our individualism. Ego’s reason is control. It is far easier to control a network of a few than it is to control a network of billions. We must learn to control the ego-self if we are to free ourselves from its control and raise our vibrational level to sense beyond our limited, obsolete, misguided five senses we all blindly follow as our reality, rely on and worship.

Another argument I receive from people in support of ego is that ego is the driving force responsible for our creativity and inventiveness. My contention is that inspiration is the source of creativity and inventiveness, not ego. Creativity and inventiveness tend to be altruistic as they are focused on the needs of others (inspirational). Ego is not altruistic as its focus is on the needs of itself (selfishness). Ego is tied to this physical world with selfishness as its motivation. Inspiration is tied to the energetic (universal) world with altruism as its motivation. This is not to say creativity and inventiveness cannot come from ego, because it can. All you need to do is to look around at the world we live in and you will see the effects of ego-induced creativity and inventiveness. War, greed, fear, hatred, and discrimination are the creativity and inventiveness of ego. It is the intentions behind the creativity and inventiveness that determine whether it is from ego or inspiration. You may think that the ego is driving you to express your individualism and it is this ego that is responsible for your creativity and inventiveness. In actuality, it is the intention behind expressing your individualism that defines whether it is from ego or from inspiration. If your creativity and inventiveness is to benefit you, then it is ego. If your creativity and inventiveness is to benefit others, then it is from inspiration. If this seems confusing, it is designed to be. By placing ego as the driving source instead of intention, we develop a false representation designed to easily trap you into doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

We are social creatures and have many more connections unifying us than we have excuses separating us. The only aspect of our lives that is individual is our ego, along with all the aspects of our lives we allow ego to control. When we make the effort to learn and understand the manipulative agenda of ego, we give ourselves the opportunity to take the control of our lives away from ego and we begin making the decisions. By removing decision making from ego, we eliminate the emotional aspects we confuse as creativity and inventiveness. Understanding the differences between ego-driven creativity and inspirational creativity is our individual journey. Ego creativity leads to isolation, loneliness and depression, whereas inspirational creativity leads to unity and community.

Please don’t think for one minute that unity through ego doesn’t exist because we are experiencing that unity right now. It is the fearful, hateful, discriminatory world we are living in. With its selfishness, greed, power, control, and manipulation, ego is uniting us through fear, racism, discrimination, war, and intimidation, and it is the political, financial, and religious leadership that are persuading us puppets to unite flying the flag of fear and hatred. The result is we become the ego and the ego is us.

Ego is of this physical world and our belief in the manipulation and learnings are what keeps it fresh and in our faces. Inspiration is of the spiritual world we originally came from, and thanks to ego, have forgotten. When we leave this body, we leave behind the body, ego, and this physical world, and we return to spirit. If the result is we return to spirit and go home to an existence of peace and love (inspiration), then why are we wasting our time seeking all this (egotistical) garbage and living this lifetime in fear, hate and war? If we start living our lives as if we were home already, perhaps our existence in this world would be a heaven on earth and not be such a ridiculous idea after all.

It is up to each of us to wake-up, open our eyes to the games ego plays, and realize our perceptions come from the lifetime of learnings we have all received. We also must understand our lifetime of learnings have moved us away from inspiration and Spirit, toward ego and selfishness. Ego or inspiration, it is up to each of us to decide who we will follow. For me, it’s “Spirit” all the way because I would much rather create a world of peace, love and unity, than continue this world of fear, hatred, war and separation.

Ego vs Inspiration Copyright 2018 © Henry G. Noël 16 September 2018