Are you of the belief that more and more people are wakening? That the direction we are all heading is for the illumination of us? That as we continue this path we will change our frequency vibration? Don’t be too sure. The possibility could be we are just being misdirected and deceived and ego is leading us askew.

Q: You say ego is our enemy. Why?

A: Ego is defined as self. Self-assurance, self-esteem, self-worth, self-image, self-importance, self-confidence. It tunes in and controls all of our “self” requirements. As a child ego has a role in the development of self. As we get older ego’s role should subside, but through advertising that is aimed at our egos, we maintain our egos and allow it to control us. Advertising tells ego to go in debt and buy that house, and we do. Ego says you need that boat, and you go in debt to buy it. Ego listens to the news and is told these people are your enemy and and you need to hate them, so we do. Ego’s insatiable appetite directs us to ignore logic and reason and blindly follow its direction and it is presented as national pride, or societies norm. All of this creates stress and stress makes us unhealthy and this is why I say “ego is our enemy.”