Life can be wonderful if we just stop

Life can be wonderful if we just stop
By Henry Noël

Throughout history humans have been at odds with each other and we have long forgotten why. In fact, we don’t even question why any longer. Is it because of color, language, religion, politics, sex? A politician or religious leader only has to say is “it’s for national security” or “it is the will of God” and we jump at the chance to validate our leaders position and we war. Wars and conflicts are so commonplace we accept them as our way of life. Ever since the Tower of Babble where we were separated from each other by language so we could not complete a common task, humans have been at odds with each other and the separation by language insured we could not settle our differences civilly due to this lack of understanding. What we don’t understand we fear, and what we fear we hate and go to war over.

We have lived and died with this accepted truth, an idea if you will, that our differences are the governing rule of humanity and anyone different than you is a sworn enemy. This system of fear and hate has not worked all these millennia yet we humans lack the courage to change the system. Or maybe it is the lack of knowledge, or compassion. Whatever it is we cannot survive with the system we have now. So, what keeps us from trying a different system? We have been educated in the present system, we judge success and failure by this system, we are judged by this system, and this system’s programming is so engrained in us that we see no other alternative. So, what needs to change?

Several understandings must be accepted before we can change this corrupted system of death, destruction and hatred. We are not different from each other at all. Physically we look different (perceptions), yes. But that is where the difference ends. We are all born, we all love, live and die. We all bleed, have emotions and have wants and needs. We all breathe, eat and drink. We all propagate and rear our children. Until we can accept the fact that after we are born, all of the external influences we are subjected to transform us into this present system. Understanding, that before we are indoctrinated into this failing system, we have no differences except the physical. We have been taught to separate ourselves from each other. Our parent’s upbringing (subsequently our upbringing), religious teachings, political views, and sexual judgments, all played a role in each of us developing our own present views of these ideas, religion, politics. Our differences are just that: ideas. Not factual, just ideas.

Let me place this in other terms. You are not a Democrat, or a Republican, or a Liberal, or a communist. These are someone else’s ideas not yours, and you bought into these ideas and believe it important enough to make it part of your identity. You are not a Catholic, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Buddhist. These are someone else’s ideas not yours, and you bought into these ideas and believe it important enough to make it part of your identity. You are not a doctor, or a plumber, or a lawyer, or a house wife. These are someone else’s ideas not yours, and you bought into these ideas and believe it important enough to make it part of your identity. Yet, when asked who we are, we reply with one of these or the multitude of other descriptions to identify who we are. We have taken someone else’s ideas and, to fit into society and to validate the programming, we have adopted it as our own persona.

We are human beings. What is wrong with that? Why is it so embarrassing to simply be human beings? Why are we a (white, or black, male or female, Jewish or Muslim) human being? Why can’t we simply be human beings with no adjective? Because, our ego requires more attention. Requires us to be better than the other guy. Why? Because we have to satisfy ego, we give ourselves titles and then worship these titles. In this world of ego spotlights we must stand out from the other people so we can be successful, even if it means belittling others so we look better. “Stand above the crowd,” “show your individuality,” “be the best,” “be all you can be,” even if it is at someone else’s expense. We have been taught we must stand out if we are to be successful. We must climb over everyone else (our competition) if we are to be recognized for “who we are.” This has been the biggest fallacy perpetrated on human kind and we bought into it. We were never supposed to stand out. We were never supposed to be special individually. We were supposed to work together, live together, love together, help one another and support one another. Not create excuses to destroy each other.

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t fix this world? It’s because God didn’t screw it up. We did, and it is up to us to fix it. It is our, and I know we have been taught to avoid this next word: responsibility. Our responsibility to wake up and change our thinking and actions. Our responsibility to see each other as brothers and sisters. Our responsibility to communicate, learn, understand, and respect each other. This isn’t a “pie-in -the-sky” belief. This is the only thing we haven’t tried. Any fool can push the doomsday button. Any fool can spew hatred. Any fool can threaten, beat, bully, abuse and criticize. But to be human is to not be a fool, not be driven by ego. To be human is to take responsibility and respect all your brothers and sisters. It is easy to condemn because that is what ego does to us to get us to conform. It is what every advertiser does to get us to want. It is what every government does to get us to fear and hate. It is what every religion does to get us to fear and hate. It is what we have been taught, and we have learned it well.

The hardest part is waking up and realizing what is being done to us. Admitting to ourselves that ego is not our friend and causes us to be easily manipulated. Setting ego on the back burner because it isn’t all about us. Once we can recognize ego for what it is (a tool other’s use to manipulate us) we can step back and recognize what is being done to us. By learning why ego was placed in us, we begin to understand the control others have over us. By the way, fighting the understanding of ego’s role in our lives is also ego at work trying to stay undiscovered.
How many times have you heard, or said, “three subjects I never talk about are religion, politics and sex?” Why do you think that is? Why are the three most important subjects, the subjects at the root of all the chaos in the world, the subjects we can’t talk about? Because these subjects have been used to brainwash us into the belief systems we use to justify the fear and hate we have been taught. We have taken simple ideas (religion, politics and sex) and nurtured them into belief systems, and use them as ammunition against our enemies who are simply brothers and sisters who have been taught different belief systems. It appears we have never left the tower of babble, and for these differences we are programmed to fear and hate to the point of killing. Is it Gods will? How obscene. This is man’s will, not Gods, and only we can change this.

Let’s look at this in simpler terms. How can a belief system that breeds fear and hatred be good? How can a belief system that fosters separation within a species be good? How can a belief system that requires unquestionable obedience be good? How can a belief system that discriminates be good? All of the belief systems we have been taught, someone manipulated for their own gain. Through their manipulation of our egos, we bought into their belief system and through programming, or if it would be better palatable, our upbringing and learning, we made these belief systems our own, and now we defend them to the death. Just how stupid are we?

We must learn that once we give up this need to be right (ego) we give ourselves the opportunity to hear other points of view. You see, it isn’t about ego, it’s about us. We must remember that our point of view was taught to us and is part of our belief system, and every one of us has this flaw. We have all been taught to act and react the way we do. Each of us has the responsibility to learn that we have been misguided and manipulated into these belief systems and actions which we so cherish, and we have no idea who we really are. “I’m a doctor so I know better”, “I’m a priest so I know better”, I’m a politician so I know better.” We don’t know squat until we set our ego aside, admit our thoughts and belief systems are someone else’s, become responsible, and decide to listen to our brothers and sisters. This is how we redefine ourselves.

Our opinion of ourselves, how we see ourselves, how we define ourselves is all based on our upbringing. We see ourselves as some religious affiliation, or as some political faction, or as some color, sex, or any multitude of ideas that in actuality has nothing to do with who we are. Class distinction, nationality, job title has no bearing on who we are yet we are willing to die to defend someone else’s ideas, someone else’s principles, or someone else’s discrimination’s. And we call ourselves intelligent?

Humanity cannot survive the present trend toward isolation. We are collective beings being forced to live in isolation from each other. The edicts coming to us from our authoritative figures all depend on our staying isolated from each other, and through fear and hatred, these authorities keep us at odds with one another. If we are at odds with one another then we can’t talk with one another. If we cannot talk to one another, we cannot learn from one another. If we cannot learn from one another we cannot begin to understand who each of us is and we cannot come to realize we all have common threads running through us. These common threads are what binds us and holds us together and unites us. But in mass we have been forced to see each other as different and, therefore, we have nothing in common when just the opposite is true. We have everything in common and our belief systems will not let us get passed our physical differences. Ever since the Tower of Babble, we have been taught it is our differences that are important and these teachings keep us separated all because we talk, look, pray, and believe differently.

Imagine if you can, no pressure, no stress, no wants, no discrimination, no hatred, no fear. Just contentment and happiness. You see, we are actually happy and content; we are just so bogged down with trying to protect our image and belief systems that we don’t have the time to see it. We are too busy trying to prove others are wrong, prove we are right, show our importance, live up to our programming, that we miss the fact that we had happiness and contentment all along and it is ego that keeps us thinking the grass is greener.

We simply must stop. Stop reacting to ego and start evaluating what is really important. Stop the belief systems and start accessing what is real. Stop reacting to fear and start being fearless. Stop listening to authoritative figures who preach fear and hatred and start realizing why they preach this. Stop the programming and start reprogramming yourself outside of belief systems. Stop striving for fame and notoriety and start living your own life. Stop dreaming and wake up to reality. Stop pointing fingers at others and start realizing that pointing one finger at someone else means you have three pointing back at yourself. Stop criticizing and discriminating and start embracing. Stop the adjectives and be the new human being. Stop seeing color, race, and affiliations and start seeing brothers and sisters. Stop lying to yourselves and start the flow of truth serum. Stop your perceptions as they are tainted and start developing new perceptions free of programming. Stop seeing the world as a battlefield and start seeing the world as you would like to see it. Stop thinking you are right and start realizing it doesn’t matter who’s right. Stop talking and start listening, and most importantly, start hearing and feeling.

“Life can be wonderful if we just stop.”  Copyright © 2018 Henry G Noël

2 April 2018