My Formula for Control

Here is my formula for control. My way of hooking the most valuable fish in the water. Hypothetically, let’s say I wanted to make a lot of money, have a lot of power and a lot of control. How could I plausibly do this? How could I hook everyone into parting with their hard-earned money, and have them believe they’ve gone on a fishing holiday? Remember this is an extremely simplified fishing lesson on how to hook, land and clean a fish, in this case you.

To begin, I will identify what the next series of money-making schemes I could create to make me money, and then I tie this into power and control. Ponzi schemes are only good at making money, and also have a built in limiting factor (the number of stupid greedy people willing to jump on board). But, Ponzi is not the way I want to go because I want unlimited wealth, power and control. So, I decide I could make a lot of money by lending money to people and charging a little interest on the borrowed money for the convenience of having the money now. Sound familiar?

I set up shop (Bank) and begin to realize that no one wants to borrow my money. People work, are paid, and spend just exactly what they earn. They budget right to the penny: this much for food, this much for that car we want, this much for that house we want, this much for our next child. No one lives outside their means, they have no wants or needs outside their earning capacity. This is certainly not a good scenario for me. There is no way I am going to make any money unless I make some changes to the way people think and live.

I decide that for my scheme to work I must make people want things outside their earning capacity. I begin by meeting with manufacturers to create products for the consumer (you) and convince them that they could make more money if they could sell more products. They agree, but how do we sell more products when the products we make are built so well they need no replacement? Together, we devise various methods on how to guarantee the need for replacement, or built in obsolescence, which is reducing the quality of the products so they breakdown sooner requiring people to buy more of them. Next, we devise a plan to get more people to know about your (the) product. This is advertising. We focus the advertising around the need of you to have this product and we pay well-known respected people to endorse the product (target is ego) and convince you just how much you need the product (and most importantly) need it now. “Problem, Resolution, Solution.” Here are the steps:

  1. I create a problem that does not exist.
  2. I present a means for the problem (that does not exist) to be resolved.
  3. I then introduce the product or service that satisfies the resolution to the problem (that does not exist).
  4. Planned, or built-in obsolescence, guarantees the product or service will continue to sell so long as the problem (that does not exist) exists.

This is the process that is used to get you to buy every product and service you think you need or want. Don’t believe me? Then think about this. Your homes, your cars, the restaurant you patron, the brand and type of alcohol you drink, the name brand of clothes you buy and the brand of golf clubs you use are all purchased based on advertising using problem, resolution, solution. By making it convenient for you to purchase all these things now, you to make me wealthy. For example: Your home, is it paid for? Your cars, are they paid for? Do you buy your dinners, clothes, furniture, and golf clubs, by credit card? Shall I continue? Every product and service you acquire makes me more money, and for every product and service you acquire, I used “Problem, Resolution and Solution” to get you to acquire it. I played on your ego. The ego that wants the best, wants it first, wants it now and, above all, deserves it.

The result of all this is I finally make money. Lots of money. But, it is nowhere the amount of money I want, and certainly not the power or control I want. So, what next?

I provided you loans to acquire stuff now (homes, cars, planes, dune-buggies, education). But, I want to make it easier for you to owe me money, and I’d like to increase my control over you which should create the power I am seeking. So, I provide you credit cards so you can acquire things immediately. I also control your access to credit cards by creating your “credit rating.” If you are in debt enough, I will give you a credit card. Too much debt, I cancel your credit cards, until you pay them off and then, like good little children, I will grant you to have another credit card allowing you to go back into debt. I am even making it easier for you to purchase stuff by creating the cashless system. All you need is this little chip inserted into your hand and you can purchase stuff. Oh yes, lest I forget, it will be through this chip that your wages will be paid; you can go see a movie, pay for dinner, even vote. Why? Because it makes me more money and gives me control over you, your life and your ego, and it begins to give me power.

I have duped, played, and manipulated you into thinking that material things, convenience, and debt is normal; that it is wonderful and acceptable to live in a society free of responsibility. That there are no ramifications of living a life of want, rather than need. That you can have all the external pleasure you can muster, and better yet, I have my celebrities (also under my control) convince you, you deserve it, so you can be like them.

By manipulating your ego every moment of every day, I get you to think, feel and act on things I want you to, not what you were supposed to; and I have such a good distraction system, I can keep you from seeing what it is I am doing. By manipulating your ego, I can create fear, hate, and envy and with these. I can get you to do anything I wish.

Before me, there were no borders and humanity lived, and migrated as the seasons changed. So, I created the idea of borders to separate all of humanity into controllable groups. I stirred up your egos to create conflicts between these borders that you will willingly die for, and I call this idea “National Pride.” I created an emblem for the national pride and this idea I called a flag, and I give every boundried area their own flag to wave, to protect and die for.

I can get you to hate your neighbor because of differences in (religious affiliation, political affiliation, color, race, sex, sexual orientation) and you will be so busy hating, you will never realize you have more in common with your neighbor than you have differences. I can get you to destroy the family unit because you live in so much debt, you can’t afford to be home with the children. I can get you so stressed and ill, that you will take more of the very medications that are making you ill. I can convince you that the garbage you eat is not only food but is healthy for you. I can get you to sacrifice yourself, and others, just because I can. You think me wrong? Then look at your life, the life of your family, or the life of your friends. What do you see? Remember, this life you and others live, was created for you (well actually for me). By allowing your ego to be manipulated, you opened yourself to the biggest scam in history. Everyone in the world has been manipulated, and you would rather kill or die for the privilege of having your ego manipulated than to see the truth.

You see, you think you are in control of your life. But, in fact, everything you think you are in control of, I am. I can increase the fear in you, then, by limiting the means for you to resolve these fears and placing higher and higher prices on these means, you will go into debt to protect yourself from a fear that does not exist.  I can limit the amount of gasoline, and fear will get you in line for hours just to buy 10 gallons of gas at ridiculously inflated prices, I set. I can manipulate you into believing there are food shortages and you will do and pay anything to make sure you have enough food.  I can create fear, anger, want, and desire, and you will react exactly as I plan. Problem, Resolution, Solution. My holy trinity of control, is the greatest trio in existence to control and manipulate you (next to my second holy trinity Greed, Selfishness and Apathy (which I use to control society). Don’t you wish you had thought of this?

The only way you can reclaim control on your life is to recognize what I am doing. But, I can distract you in so many ways you will never have the time to realize what I am doing. I can use my dynamic holy trinity to focus you on sports, sex, climate, disasters, cooking, entertainment, religion, politics, the royal family or celebrities. And I can bounce you between any of these any time I wish. I can create scandals that will keep you distracted for weeks. I can use these distractions to create environmental and climate changes without you knowing I am doing it, pass political policies you never knew were being planned, start a conflict anywhere in the world without your knowledge and, at a moment’s notice, you, or a loved one, is there fighting and dying for something you had no idea existed. Once complete, I can then present the success of these endeavors (even if they failed) and you will so proud of it you welcome it with open arms never knowing that I just happened to make me a lot of money.

It doesn’t matter whether September 11, 2001 was the result of Islamic extremists, the United States Government, or Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t matter whether North Korea threatens us with nukes. It doesn’t matter how many people die in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Africa. It doesn’t matter why we were in Vietnam, it doesn’t matter who allowed Hitler to rise to power, it doesn’t matter that AT&T was once a monopoly, broken up into pieces and now is a monopoly again. It doesn’t matter how many children are victims of pedophilia. It doesn’t matter how many people die from pharmaceutical drugs, or ineffective medical procedures. What does matter are the results. How much I gained as a result? How I benefited as a result? How much wealth, power and control did I accumulate? What will be the next distraction that I can get away with and how much will I benefit? That’s what’s important.

You see, this is the state of the world. This is who we are. This is also why we are. Every day the world seems to get crazier and crazier. And the moment we think it couldn’t get any worse, it does. By sticking our heads in the sand and pretending this is not occurring, we facilitate this very scenario. By buying into this illusion, we are creating this world and all its craziness. By doing nothing, we are fostering our own demise. Life will be determined by those who play and manipulate our egos, unless we are willing to change. Change the way we think, act and believe. Praying to (or blaming) God is not going to help us because God didn’t do this. You did. We did. We let our egos run rampant because we were benefitting (at least we thought we were). Now we know better. Now we must decide whether we continue to play the game or walk away from the game and take control of our existence.

Now, it is up to you.

My Formula for Control Copyright 2018 © Henry G Noël