My Thoughts

The following pages are simply my thoughts.

Thoughts developed by me as I progressed through this very process you have decided to undertake. Thoughts designed to make you think about yourself, your place in this world, and your purpose. This is an attempt to make it a tiny-bit easier for you to develop the thoughts of what you aspire to be, what you dream of, and what you wish to accomplish, and not the thoughts of someone else. No judgements, just true self-perspectives.

We share this form (this body and mind) of ours, with a part of us who loves the excitement of control. Controlling it’s surroundings, it’s material spoils, and every aspect of our life, and we are clueless to what is going on. The problem with this is, it’s our life and up to now we have been somewhat satisfied letting it control us. So, who is this other part of us? It’s our Ego.

Ego loves the drivers seat, having control of the radio station we listen too, and making us react, want, and desire, just about anything it can convince itself it wants, and up to now we have allowed it. We believe our wants are our wants when in fact it is ego’s wants. The truth is we have no wants, just needs. Our satisfaction is in fulfilling our needs. But not so for ego. Ego has wants and it’s these ego-wants we are living to satisfy, stressing to accomplish, and passing life by, by trying to satiate these ego-wants.

I know this is confusing but as you peruse the information on this site you will come to understand what I am saying. But this understanding requires you to be honest with yourself. Remember the mirror. By forcing yourself to see yourself in the mirror you can finally come face to face with you and not be listening to your ego.

So enjoy and happy reading. Any questions, you know where to find me.