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The corporate world, as with the individual, requires understanding, improvement, exploration, transformation, and lifestyle changes. Each has one thing in common, commitment. But most times commitment isn’t enough.

Stripping away the old paradigms we deny we have and creating new perceptions from newly achieved knowledge results in confusion created from the many newly discovered points of view, and different perspectives. This can be a daunting process full of countless reasons not to commit to change.

We assist with making the commitment a reality. Change isn’t hard once you acknowledge the reasons you don’t change and understand the personal and corporate benefits for changing.

Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is an individual desire to perceive yourself differently and requires an immense amount of honesty and self-reflection. In private or small group sessions we delve into past upbringings, education, learnings, etc. and with this information, we begin the process of uncovering the true self. Every aspect of your life will be examined to uncover just how infiltrated your life has become with past learnings, and how these learnings control your life and hold you back.

Our purpose is to affect change from the inside out. This means focusing your attention on the reasons for changing so you come to recognize the interferences keeping you from changing. Being familiar with the reasons for changing provides you control over your life, but it also makes you completely responsible for yourself and your decisions.

Corporate Culture

Companies are living entities and are run by living beings, each being having its own set of paradigms, egos, learnings, and upbringings.  The company itself is a result of the creators’ paradigms, ego, learnings, and upbringing. As living entities, the company and its directors are both growing and developing and the object is to make sure both are growing at the same pace and in the same direction.

We provide the resources for this systematic growth to advance successfully and develop the self-awareness of each individual to realize their true impact on the companies growth and success both positively and negatively. True leadership doesn’t see, I or me. It sees we. Leadership doesn’t point fingers; it extends a helping hand. Leadership doesn’t dictate; it elicits. Leadership doesn’t boss; it leads. Leadership doesn’t condemn; it teaches. Leadership isn’t about self-recognition; it inspires others to excel. Leadership doesn’t operate from the position of inhumanity; it understands the importance of being human.

Public Speaking

As the world continues to spiral out of control, humanity continues to falter in its purpose to unify, and the present world leadership continues to impose policies that have historically failed time after time. This failure has resulted in the world we have today. There are small voices out there who continue to emerge shedding light on these facts.

We are one of those small voices and offer not just the hope that things will change, but actual solutions to affect the change required to stop the madness. Only by changing the way we see ourselves, and each other, along with our refusal to accept the status quo, will the world change.

The key to success

Self-reflection will be the cornerstone throughout this process. How you see yourself now, will not be the way you see yourself at the end. Throughout the journey, you will strip away layer after layer of learnings you have come to adopt as you and discover who you really are. The mirror has a way of altering our perceptions, changing the interpretations of the perceptions we developed throughout our upbringing, learnings, and belief system development. As I stated, your perceptions will change as you start to see yourself, and the world, through different eyes. You cannot heal yourself in the same environment that made you sick, meaning, the environment that created your fears, anger, and hatred are not the environments that will change them.

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