Start to question. Start to learn. Start to live.

We are much more than we think we are. We are much more than we know we are.

From knowledge used comes wisdom. From knowledge unused comes foolishness. We faulter at times between wisdom and foolishness, never sure, or confident enough, to trust ourselves for fear of what others will think, judgement all.

Our lives are lived within a narrow strip of bandwidth we call reality, not wanting to believe beyond what we sense. Faith is not only holding religion’s hand but wraps its arms around us all wishing only that we trust it.

Miracles are not seen but experienced individually, a message so personal God felt the need to deliver it, not by chance but by design.

Stardust, one and all, coalesced and to stardust we return. The energy within us will return us home.

Ego’s tools of fear and hate only work in this place because we wish it and will it. When we begin to look to faith beyond the sliver of our reality, our experience is beyond ego’s grip and we become the face of God.

Now is not to be wasted on the guilt of yesterday, nor consumed on the fears of tomorrow, but to be cherished for its fruitfulness. We are all so consumed with the guilt and fear, now is an illusion and wasted forever. We must learn to see guilt and fear as the illusion and now as the reality.

Our Journey is a long one only in our construct of time. But the distance is very short, for it’s here inside us all.

What we believe is not important for it has all been taught to us and we learn nothing from it. What we don’t believe is where our focus lies.  Its knowledge is our future learnings.

“Start to question. Start to learn. Start to live.” Copyright © 2018 Henry G Noël