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We are providing information and resources to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding how this world works and how we function in it. Our approach includes teaching and training in Seminars, individual and small groups, and corporate settings. Our material is presented through live video and audio broadcasts, taped video, taped audio, and online writings. In attempting to do this worldwide, we are asking for your support. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of how you can live a better life free from the stresses presently controlling your happiness and health, please support us in our endeavor.

Like anything we do in life, to understand it, we must study it, and that is especially true for ourselves. We have spent a lifetime defining ourselves by society’s standards, and it is time we learn to think for ourselves and take the responsibility to do just that. We must also learn why we react the way we do, why we let our buttons get pushed, what issues get our goat, and we have to change our perceptions and our reactions to these perceptions.

If you are feeling unhappy, feel guilty, depressed, stressed, and angry, begin asking the question, why? Why am I feeling stressed, why am I feeling unhappy, why am I angry with the things going on around me. When you can recognize what you feel and react to are simply your perceptions of what is going on around you. Your perceptions were created by your upbringing, belief systems, and learning, that is when you can begin to piece together the cause and effects of your life. You must come to understand it is you who allow the external circumstances to affect your internal feelings and your reactions, and it is you who enable yourself to be controlled by what is going on outside of yourself. Once you understand these causes and effects, then you can begin the “Stop” process. Stop letting external circumstances affect your life. Stop justifying the external circumstances in the first place. Stop investing your valuable emotions in these valueless external circumstances. Stop your justifications for entertaining these external circumstances. There are no external circumstances worth your health, your peace-of-mind, or your happiness.

Prisons keep some aspects of society away from each other. But the prisons, we all live in, were created by us, and we lock ourselves away not to separate ourselves from others, but to lock ourselves away from ourselves. Fear, guilt, and worry imprison us in a way no external prison can. We wait behind the walls we’ve built looking for someone to free us, when we know no one can do that but ourselves. By judging ourselves, living in fear, and wasting our time worrying, the walls we build only get higher and thicker, and we are separated further and further from ourselves. We create the perceptions of these walls so well; when the walls do come down, we still see them and live accordingly.

So please, support us so we can continue to develop effective ways of “getting the word out.” The technology is available, but it doesn’t come cheap. I ask for your help so we can help you and others find the answers they are seeking, enabling them to discover all the joy and happiness this wonderful world has to offer. Thank you.