Vibrational Energy

Vibrational energy

-by Henry Noel

“We are what we create, and what we create comes from what we are.”                    – Henry Noel

I believe raising our vibrational energy is far more involved than thinking about intentions.  Our intentions come from the belief systems we have been taught and are full of fears and emotions; and living in the past and worrying about the future do not create the best intentions. Yet, it is from these very fears and emotions we decide we must change the world. How many times have you heard “We must come together and pray for a world of love and peace.” Well, to create love and peace we must be love and peace. Remember, the world is but a reflection of us. The world isn’t the problem, we are.

Intentions do not come from the outside. Like anything that is grown or manufactured, the quality of an intention, or let’s say the quality of its ingredients, is only as good as the environment from which it was created. If an intention is being created for love and peace, and it is being created out of fear, anger and hate, then the intention is flawed.  If the composition of an intention is flawed, how can the quality of the outcome of this intention be perfect? It can’t be.

If we are to create perfect intentions then the environment we are creating them in must be perfect. To intend on love and peace we must be love and peace, for only from that environment can love and peace be created. Intentions come from inside us and if that environment is flawed then every intention we create is flawed.

If our intention is to raise our vibration, and the environment from which this intention is being created is polluted with fear, anger and all sorts of learned negativity, how can the intention be anything else but flawed. For us to create the intention for a higher vibration, we must have the environment within us to create it. We are in no position spiritually or energetically to create that vibration because we have done nothing to eliminate the lower vibrations of our past programing and belief systems. The universe is our reflection and it is only by changing us and the environment within us that we can affect the change we wish for the world.  To have pure intentions they must come from pure environments.

Our environment (us) is composed of Old paradigms:

  • Emotional ties
  • Fears
  • How we live
  • Our Health
  • Our belief systems

We must realize the body is just a vessel for us to exist in this lifetime.  We did not have one when we arrived and we will not take this one with us when we leave.

We are from source. We came from source and we will return to the source when we leave this vessel.

You cannot think people, animals, nature, the world, or the universe into a higher vibrational level.  You must be the vibration that raises all of that and we cannot do that if we are tied to the belief systems we have all be taught.

When you place water in a fine crystal glass, moisten your finger and rub it along its rim, you produce a tone, a vibration. To change the tone, or vibration, you add or reduce the amount of water in the glass. We are no different. To change our vibration we must add or remove our contents.

We cannot raise our vibration until we clean our houses, eliminate the ties that keep us bound to this existence, and become the very vibration we are seeking to create.


  • Stop feeding the illusion.
  • Stop the negativity.
  • Stop the belief systems.
  • Stop justifying the worlds condition.
  • Stop trying to change things you have no control over.
  • Stop living in the past and worrying.
  • Stop the paradigms.
  • Stop trying to change the world until you have changed yourself.

We must start:

  • Fixing ourselves.
  • Becoming what we want the world/universe to be.

Eliminating all that holds us and begin fixing ourselves is the only way we can change our vibration.

“Vibrational Energy” Copyright © 2017 Henry G Noël