We Are Not Enemies

We are not enemies

– By: Henry Noël

The time has come to stop looking at ourselves as enemies. The world’s political authorities and religious leaders have defined for us our differences touting religious doctrine and political policy. Since when are we not capable of deciding for ourselves who our friends or enemies are? Why is it up to political authorities and religious leaders, who are in a position to personally benefit by declaring a people, a nationality, a religious sect, a sex, or a color, as an enemy? Why are we called to war against a people, a nationality, a religious sect, a sex, or a color just because some political authority or religious leader says we must?

Men and women; all colors; all political affiliations; all religious sects. Wake up! When are we going to grow up and understand we are all brothers and sisters? We are all the same. God doesn’t make mistakes, yet our political authorities and religious leaders go against the very God who proclaims we are perfect, just so we can war against, and hate each other. If a political authority’s policy hurts even one person, it can’t be a good policy. If a religious leader’s doctrine hurts another human being (against God’s mandates) it can’t be a good religious doctrine.

It is time we put aside these perceived and proclaimed differences and realize that we are all the same. Political authorities, religious leaders, education, and perceptions have created this rift between us. Why can’t we look beyond, what the authorities have proclaimed to be, our differences and, for once, set aside our physical differences as humans, join together, and unite our energies to face the real enemies?

Not just the enemies that are willing to take freedoms away, those wanting this divide in humanity, those forcing us to hate each other, those dictating the illusion that they know what’s best for us, those political authorities and religious leaders chanting war and hate. The enemies I am talking about are the enemies inside each of us that condone, objectify, and believe the lies from our political authorities and religious leaders, who say we are all different. The enemies that live inside us who allow the discrimination and prejudices, allow our perceived differences to form our view of the world and each other, the enemies inside us that have taught us to hate. We must stop this travesty of judgement as we are in no position to judge. We are contaminated with the teachings that some humans are less than human, and this must stop. When you can look at another human being and see only the physical differences, then you are contaminated and prejudiced. This is what you have been taught, and this is the first enemy that needs to be defeated.

“We Are Not Enemies”  Copyright © 2018 Henry G Noël

30 November 2017